Health Benefits of Using Pressure Cooker


Health Benefits of Using Pressure CookerAlthough pressure cookers of today are quieter and less dangerous than before, some people still have reservations about them. The hissing sound was especially ominous for some people. These tools have many health benefits for the human body. At times, these health benefits cannot be accessed in any other way except with one of these devices. People who do not already own one should consider acquiring one.

They Help to Make Nutrients Available

Some foods like bananas can be quite sweet. However, people only utilize a small percentage of all the potential they hold. By using pressure cookers, one is able to access all the cells of these foods. They usually contain some tough cell walls that are hard to access with other heating methods. The pressure cooker forces water into these cells and breaks down the walls to make the nutrients accessible.

In some instances, other heating methods can help to break down these cell walls. However, these methods are not efficient in cooking the food. The result is that it takes long before the meal can be considered cooked. When this happens, it results in all the nutrients being broken down.

It Reduces Anti-Nutrients

Anti-nutrients are a reality of human existence. During a cooking session, some foods produce acids that reduce the nutrients in food. They bond with nutrients in the food and keep them from being accessible by the human body. This bad situation results from the prolonged cooking of food.

However, there is no other way to cook these foods. This is the case when cooking most cereals. Studies have shown that pressure-cooked food has lower anti-nutrients than other foods. For instance, phytic acid levels fell by about 54% in peas when they were soaked and cooked under pressure. This is compared to 29% in ordinary cooking methods.

It Allows Nutrient Retention

Health Benefits of Using Pressure Cooker

This is a major issue in the cooking of some cereals and some types of meats. At times, the food takes long to become tender. This means one has to add copious amounts of water to the food. When this happens, the food’s nutrients become diluted. As a result, one may end up consuming nothing except wasting time moving their jaws. At times, the nutritional value of a meal is less than what is used to get rid of it. This situation is avoided by using the best  pressure cooker you can get your hands on. It uses less water and pushes nutrients deeper into the food.

It Makes Food Digestible

Our bodies are only as good as, what they absorb. That means the food needs to be tender and yet contain nutrients. This is hard to achieve if one does not have the right cooking method. By using a pressure cooker, one makes it easier for the body to break down food into its nutrients. This is the case especially for old people and young children. Their stomachs may not have the right staff to break down hard foods. It can make old people healthier and young children grow up faster and with fewer illnesses.


Choosing the right cooking method will help you achieve an optimal food experience. There is no better way of achieving this than having a pressure cooker. Overall, a pressure cooker will offer you great benefits for your nutritional needs.