Australia: Protests Over Energy Costs, Workers Rights


Protests Over Energy Costs, Workers RightsEnergy supply plays a critical role in driving the economy of a country. Similarly, it plays a crucial role in meeting the energy needs of the citizens. However, meeting the energy needs of a country has proven to be one of the greatest challenges. This is because the demand for energy is almost always higher than supply.

Australia is not immune to the challenges facing the energy sector. In fact, it is one of the most common election debates in the country. In this light, it is worth exploring the energy landscape in Australia and the challenges therein. Similarly, there are cases of workers rights abuse in Australia that have raised concern about the status of human rights in Australia.

Australia: Protests Over Energy Costs

According to the ABC News, the Australian population faces one of the highest power costs in the developed world. The Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA) says that in the last five years, the average energy prices in Australia have increased by 40 %. The ongoing cost of infrastructure, coupled with increased taxation (in particular the introduction of carbon tax) will translate to an increased cost of power. On their part, the suppliers of energy state that the increased cost of energy is due to deregulation as well as various structural factors in the economy. The retiring of old plants and the increase in demand in energy has further increased the problems associated with energy.

Therefore, it is not surprising to find that there a lot of dissident voices who feel that the energy prices are way too high. In fact, there have been several protests in order to change the status quo. The protesters argue that the prices of energy do not create a favorable business environment. Again, the Australian population is not comfortable with the raising network charges. The term network charges refers to the cost of transporting the electricity through the wires and poles.

Another challenge contributing to protests due to energy issues is the fact that some investors in the industry are not honest. Consequently, they end up exploiting the Australian average energy consumer.

Australia: Protests Over Workers Rights

Protests Over Energy Costs, Workers RightsTeachers, doctors, and other health professionals have held demonstrations against the Australian legislation which prevents humanitarian and health workers from speaking against human rights abuse in the country. For example, there are allegations of murder, rape, and machete attack at Australian off-shore detention centers. In deed, Australia’s off-shore detention centers have been known to be notorious people who are seeking asylum.

The Act, which took effect in July 1 2015, prevents contracted workers from giving out information about the conditions that they observe in detention centers. Such conditions include sanitary conditions, diet, and physical abuse. Failure to do so means that such workers risk imprisonment of up-to two years.

The Maritime Union of Australia made a series of protests that were aimed at airing their grievances over the mass sackings by the shipping giant Hutchinson Port, Australia. To make things worse, almost half of the workforce was sacked and informed about the decisions through text messages that were sent late night.

The protectors accused the company of being crafty and strategic in the objectives of making a higher profit margin. Their were accusing the company of down-sizing its labor force, and automation in order to streamline its operations, and de-unionize the force, and all this ends up with making some of the employees redundant.

On March 2015, thousands of furious protesters marched across Melbourne protesting what they termed as “attacks on workers rights” by the Abbott government. The aim was to inform the federal government that all was not well with the workers and that they wanted the government to be more conscious and sensitive to their rights.


Australia ought to adopt a paradigm shift as far as its energy policy is concerned. For example, a strategic and aggressive investment in renewable energy can drastically reduce the cost of power and help in stabilizing the prices. Overall, a long-term solution to the energy cost in Australia lies in developing affordable and sustainable energy solutions.

Similarly, the Australian government has to be more sensitive about the status of its human rights records more so in relation welfare of workers. The bottom-line ist the workers rights have to be respected unconditioned.

Human Rights Watch- a Closer Look at the Car Industry


Human Rights Watch- a Closer Look at the Car Industry 1The question of ethical business practices have elicited a lot of debate in the contemporary business world. At the core of the debate is the need to have a sound business methodology that is sensitive to communities and the planet earth. Then, the question becomes, how pragmatic it is to employ a highly profitable business model that is still beneficial to the general welfare of the community and preservation of the environment?

Take the case of the car industry for instance. Human rights activists have expressed their concerns about the status of humans rights in the industry and the negative consequences thereof. The assumption that car consumers make is that car manufacturers have followed the local, national, and international laws. In addition to that, it is assumed that the car industry have followed the accepted labor standards, code of ethics, and the spirit of corporate social responsibility. Unfortunately, if the reality on the ground is anything to go by, such ideals are just but an illusion.

Human Right Watch

The car industry has been accused by prominent human rights professions of disrespecting the set labor standards in order to stretch their profit margins.

Another issue facing the car industry is the issue of suppliers. Giant car makers absolve themselves from blame by stating that actions carried out by their suppliers, whether right or wrong actions, are not under their jurisdiction. However, responsible business people do not do that. On the contrary, if they notice that their suppliers do not respect human rights, the most prudent action is to sanction them, or at worst terminate doing business with them. In other words, if respecting human rights will mean that the car giants lose some reliable suppliers, so be it.

Similarly, the government should be more vocal and play a leading role in ensuring that there is constant compliance of the laid down rules and regulations. For example, the US is overly sensitive to the question of minimum age and other factors such as the number of working hours. Auto makers should be careful to respect them by all means. However, there are suppliers of auto products whose country of origin is not the US. In such a case, the government should ensure that such suppliers follow the accepted human rights standards.

The Toyota You Did Not Know

Human Rights Watch- a Closer Look at the Car Industry 1Toyota is one of the most pronounced car makers in the world. It has employed a significant number people thus providing constant source of labor. It has been credited for coming up with a number of innovative discoveries, the lean model for instance. There is no doubt whatsoever that the company has me contribution to the auto industry.

However, it has found itself on the receiving end after eminent personalities questioned its human status. The US National Labor Committee made a scathing attack on Toyota stating that the company has carried out planned and target specific labor abuses not just in its own operations but also in its supply chain.
Having said that, the following are some of the issues that have faced Toyota at one time or the other:

  • Overseas branches and their affairs
  • deteriorating corporate values
  • The issue of mineral conflict

Other Notable Examples

According to the Guardian, GM, BMW, and FORD, are sourcing iron from Brazil thereby causing heavy deforestation in the Amazon region. Campaigners of Greenpeace add that the said car companies have a hand (albeit a distant hand) in promoting slave labor and illegal logging in the indigenous and protected lands.

Another bone of contention in the Amazon is buying steel. By buying steel that is gotten through illegal structures and behavior, the said car companies are seen as a rubber stamp to such illegal activities. There has been accusations that these car makers carry out corporate social responsibility as a camouflage to their unethical business practices.


The car industry ought to rethink its policy towards human rights and access if it is in deed consequential. In connection to this, such policies should not be all paper work but also action. For example, the car industries should stop the exploitation of the Amazon region with immediate effect.

Similarly, the governments should lay down a clear-cut legislation policy that will ensure sourcing of raw materials in the cars monitored and. All the same, the most responsible that individual companies should do is to respect the human rights starsards by all means necessary.

Everything You Need to Know About the Asian Pacific Action


Just a few decades ago, the Asia pacific region was hit with the worst economic crisis in history. However, since then the region has grown to be one of the fastest growing regions economically. Currently, it is one the most stable regions in the world with a cluster developing countries. According to estimates from financial analysts, the regions hold the most growth potential in the coming decades. It has one of the youngest and most skilled populations. Unlike other regions such as South America and Africa.


One of the areas that the Asia pacific region is lacking in is strong leaders. Except for a few actions by some leaders such as the Chinese, most others are not willing to act. For instance, the Chinese claim over much of the South China Sea has seen many hyped statements in the media. However, the real picture on the ground is quite different. None of these countries is willing to go toe to toe against the Asia giant.

However, China has also been largely unwilling to act against aggression by foreign powers. Despite its claim to this sea, whenever countries such as the US have breached the area it claims, Chinese leaders have been unwilling to do anything. Generally, there is a pattern of inaction in the region on most issues.

In terms of business, the region has been unable to exploit its full potential. What is quite clear is that the region is experiencing phenomenal growth. However, the growth in these countries needs to expand to other regions of the world. When compared to the countries of the west, this growth has been quite sluggish. For one, governments have not been acting to protect the actions of their domestic companies. In the US for instance, the President is always ready to support domestic companies with diplomacy and legislation to help them grow. Most Asia leaders have appeared clueless as to how they can intervene to protect growth in their domestic economies.Everything You Need to Know About the Asian Pacific Action

Another area where there has been a lot of sluggishness is poverty eradication. Despite the huge growth experienced in the past few years, little has changed. The common people are still experiencing huge poverty rates. Except for a few places such as China, poverty eradication programs have largely failed. A good example is India. Despite the huge growth, the sprawling slums continue to expand. In addition, crimes associated with low economic status such as gender-based violence are still a huge issue.

Perhaps one of the biggest demonstrations of inaction is in corruption. Asia pacific countries have some of the highest rates of corruption in the world. Most of the governments in the region recently came into power on a platform of change and ending corruption. The current India administration came to power on this platform. However little has changed since then. The country and the region continue to be hit by mega corruption scandals.

A good example of how corruption is widespread was the Malaysian 1MDB scandal. This involved the Malaysian Investment Fund. Billions of Dollars seems to have disappeared overnight. The issue has had far-reaching implications. This has even led to calls for the prime minister to resign. The people of Malaysia have lost billions of dollars and none of it is yet to be recovered. Furthermore, despite statements from the government, nothing seems to move on the ground. Up to now, there have been very few convictions if any, on the issue. This corruption has even strained relationships with the US to some extent.

What Must Change?

Clearly, it cannot continue to be business as usual. Something needs to change if the region is to capitalize on its superb economic growth. Leaders in the region need to be seen to take steps that are more concrete. The leadership, however, cannot tackle theses serious issues on their own.Everything You Need to Know About the Asian Pacific Action

The institutions that are given these tasks must also be seen to act. The leaders need to apply as much pressure as necessary to make sure that everybody is doing their job. In addition, they need to make sure these institutions are free of political interference.


The Asia pacific region has a lot of potential for becoming great. However, all this might remain a pipe dream if the leaders are unwilling to act. As of now, they are at a watershed moment, which will determine how the future of the region will be.

Australia Rallies Support Malaysian Democracy Movement


Australia Rallies Support Malaysian Democracy MovementThe state of democracy have been put to question. The assessment is that there is something very wrong in the way of running the government and that things need to be changed before it is too late. In case things go wrong Malaysia, and in deed the whole region will be affected. In this, Australia has all the reasons concerned about the state of democracy in Malaysia.

Issues facing the Malaysian Democracy

Nick Xenophon, an Australian senator, pus it bluntly that the Malaysian democracy is on its life support. In this regard, the following are the main issues that are facing the current Malaysian democracy:

  • Voting by phantom voters (ghost voters)
  • voter fraud
  • voter intimidation
  • Discrepancies in election results
  • rigging
  • Outright bribery of voters
  • A short campaign period
  • Lack of press freedom
  • The police’s use of excessive force, eg tear gas and water cannons

The Bersih Movement

Australia Rallies Support Malaysian Democracy MovementThe term Bersih is a Malay language term which means clean. It is a democratic movement, under the Malaysian civil society, which calls for an complete and an all-round reform of the electoral process in Malaysia. Launched in 2006, its members are drawn from the opposition groups as well as the civil society.

Australia Rallies Support Malaysian Democracy Movement

The Malaysian police are generally aggressive to the rallies and protests held in Malaysia. It says that the Peaceful Assembly Act prohibits such protests. The police have reminded the protesters that they risked being legally sanctioned due to their action of joining such rallies of protest. It was therefore not surprising that the police did not respect the right of the Malaysians to stage peaceful demonstrations. In April 8, 2012, the police crashed with Malaysian protesters. Around 500 people were arrested.

During the same day, Perth residents of Malaysian origin have expressed their ultimate support for the democratic movement in Malaysia. They staged a rally that was aimed at showing solidarity to the democratic effort in their mother country. About 500 people participated in the rally.

On the same day, thousands of people took place in a mass rally in Malaysia in order to pressure the government to carry out the required reforms. The walk also incorporated a visit to the Malaysian consulate in Adelaide for a symbolic standing or sitting.

The Sydney Bersih rally attracted a whooping 500 participants. During the rally, various Malaysian activists spanning a wide generation addressed and encouraged the protesters. The activists included the famous John Khoo and Jared Wong. The participants, led by William de Cruz, sang freedom songs. There were poem recitals too.

Other places where the protests took place include the following:

  • Melbourne (1250 participants)

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

A number of people have accused the Australian governments of being mute on issues affecting the Malaysians. For example, the Australian government could have made a strong opposition to the arrest of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim- a prominent opposition leader. It was clear that the charges were all trumped up- accusation of sodomy.

Anwar was a political hero in Malaysia and was a competent professional when he was the finance minister. During the Asian financial crisis in 1997, he shepherded the country to survival. He did not conform to the accepted behavior where political leaders were part and parcel of corruption and mismanagement. He was a man who held strong and solid democratic values.

Anwar has been held in solitary confinement. To make things worse, he has experienced poor health and the authorities either denied or delayed his medical treatment. The Amnesty International has declared Anwar the prisoner of conscience

Revelation by the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal made the harsh revelation that the anti-corruption officers in Malaysia had found that almost US $ 700 million that were supposed to be deposited to the Malaysian development fund ended up in the personal account of Najib Razak- the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Najib shamelessly responded by stating that the Wall Street Journal had carried out political sabotage.


Malaysia should understand that countries in the category of middle income can evolve into failed states if proper state management mechanisms are not put in place. In this light, the government should listen to the dissident voices and respond to grievances. The fact is that all protesters are not what they are doing. The fact is that research has been done on the country’s political and financial status.

On the Right Track: Water Flow From Kitchen Faucet Is Diminished


Water Flow From Kitchen Faucet Is DiminishedResidential water problems are common occurrences today than it used to be years back. One of the contributing factors that lead to these problems in modern faucets is the internal design. Another reason that might lead to this problem is the conservation measures being undertaken for natural resources. People are also faced with diminishing water volume in their faucets.

Back then, standard bath, shower, and kitchen faucets had plastic and rubber washers coupled with a circular valve seat in the interior of the faucet. When the faucet would be opened, the washer would disengage from the valve seat and thus water would have a large pathway in which to flow through. With these old designs, large amounts of water would flow through the faucet. However, with the limited supplies of fresh water and an ever increasing population, it was bound to change. Modern faucets have changed and touchless kitchen faucets are now increasingly popular and those faucets can help save water in homes as they shut of automatically after a few seconds.

Most of the faucets manufactured today have cartridges that do not have a washer inside. The old washer design is replaced with the modern cartridge for controlling water. The space left for water to flow is much smaller as compared to the old designs. On top of this, most of the current faucets come with an aerator which is fitted at the end. Water must pass through this aerator which is made of tiny holes. According to kitchen faucet reviews online this issue is being fixed in newer models of faucets and the leaders in the industry are trying hard to create faucets that safe water.

In order to meet water conservation measures and guidelines that have been set by the federal government and states, most of the modern faucets have flow restrictors. These are meant to control the water amount going through the faucet at any time. The restrictors also have tiny holes meant for reducing the amount of water passing through.

The drop in water pressure or volume might be caused by small pieces of debris that clogs the passageway within the cartridge. This is a common occurrence with many homeowners. The sediments can be created by hard water problems. People who use private wells might also be having this problem due to transportation of small pieces of rocks or sand.

Low water flow and pressure problems are mostly observed after a water main break in the municipal water supply system. When a water main fractures, dirt, sand, or other debris might enter the municipal piping system. When the pipe has been repaired, this debris can then be carried by the water and might end up in the domestic water system.

It does not require huge costs to rectify the issue. The first approach would be to check the aerators in the faucet that is having flow problems. The aerator should be carefully removed taking close consideration of the assembling of the various parts. All parts should not have debris and the passageway should be clear. The parts can also be soaked overnight in warm, white vinegar in order to remove the deposits of hard water that might have stuck in the system.

Water Flow From Kitchen Faucet Is DiminishedIf the water volume and pressure remain low even after the aerator has been checked, then there are high chances that the valve cartridge is the problem. The cartridge can be carefully removed after reading and following the manufacturer’s manual that came with the unit. The manufacturer’s website will also provide more information regarding the assembling of the cartridge.

A good way of preventing sediments from finding their way to the faucets in the home is opening up a hose faucet on outside. As such, water will flow through them first when plumbing repair works have been completed in the home. These outside hose faucets still use the old technology of plastic or rubber washers. It is also advisable to remove the faucet aerators just before the water has been turned on after the plumbing repair works.

After plumbing repair has been done in the home, the main water valve should be turned on very slowly. When this is done, the pressure inside the piping system will build up slowly and most of the sediments will be carried outside. This will also minimize deposits being carried to the interior faucets.

The same procedure should also be followed when there is a water main break near the home and there is no water at home. All faucet aerators should also be removed. When the water has been repaired, it will be turned on without notifying the residents, and therefore any sediment should be carried to the outside faucets and not stick to the aerators.


Diminishing water volumes in modern times is a common problem. It might have been occasioned by the design of the faucets. However, sediments might clog the water passageway in the faucets which can also lead to the problem.

Smart Shower Head and Saving Water


Smart Shower Head and Saving WaterSaving water is one of the greatest cost-saving initiatives in a home. In addition to that, it plays a critical role in contributing to the noble and valuable efforts of saving the environment. Thus, it is very important that home-owners adopt various water usage applications in order to keep tab of their water footprint. One of the tools of cutting down water usage is the use of a smart shower.

When taking a shower, it is relatively easy to lose water. Overstaying when taking a bath is also very common practice. The good thing is that the advent of technology has led to significant development in saving water when taking a bath. For example, there are showers that are used in the purification and re-using of water. This is where the smart shower falls.

When looking to invest in the best shower head you should know first what type you are looking for as there are so many types to choose from. Second you should read shower head reviews to learn about the best shower head brands and best products to choose from within each category. Then you should be ready to invest in a shower head that fits your bathroom perfectly.

Smart Shower Head and Saving Water

The e-shower is a new innovation that resembles the structure of a Nebia showerhead. One of its greatest advantage is that its usage does not require any extra energy. In addition to that, it does not contain breakable parts which might need replacing. One does not need any technical knowledge or a plumber to use the shower. Thus, its running cost is almost zero. Water saving shower heads are important environmental consideration and point out numerous low flow shower heads that can help the cause.

Typically, the e-shower works through drawing a jet of air into the gadget. It can fit in most of the shower pipes due to its flexibility. Furthermore, it can be used by communities that experience hard-water. This is because it is not vulnerable to clogging or calcification due to hard water. The shower-heads come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Smart Shower

The shower head can sense how close one is to the shower-head. It uses a smart phone app in order to make a connection. If need be, it can drastically cut down the water flow. Moreover, it is important in that it atomizes water into droplets . It incorporates both controlling the water and water usage data collection. One can do a comparison with others who are using it n how the water has been. Overall, it can be used to help homeowners set and be faithful to water targets. One such shower head is the AKDY AZ6021 Rain Style which has been described on some of the best shower head reviews to provides sufficient water pressure to make the most out of your showering experience which of course is a key feature when it comes to

The smart shower plays an effective role in customizing water settings and also checking the threshold of the water usage. It features infographics that are used to measure and monitor consumption of water and tech the kids about sustainability of resources such as water.

Notable Example: Consumer Electronic Shows, Las Vegas

Smart Shower Head and Saving WaterOne of the participants of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, was Gabriell Della-Monica, a French Engineer. He founded a start-up company in France known as the Smart & Blue.

He showcased his innovation- a smart head shower that. His innovation (Hydrao showerheads) have features that are used in the tracking of water that is used. It does this using LED lights that change color. The change of color starts with green, and then blue color to red. When the water usage reaches the 50-litre mark, it flashes red.

The source of electricity for the shower-head is not batteries. Rather, it uses a mini hydro power-plant. The pioneer generation of the show-heads was successful due to a crowdfunding campaign that win a lot of trust from the people. In connection to this, the second generation shower-heads are on the pipeline and they will attract a fee of less than $ 100.

One of the most unique characteristics of the gadget is that the shower head is not only educational but also fun. In this regard, parents can utilize it as an effective way of teaching the children on the best practices and habits of saving the resources. Overall, the shower-head makes you aware of your water usage habit. Through such knowledge, you are going to make the necessary modification.


The value of saving water cannot be underestimated. It not only saves money but also helps in conserving the environment. The use of a smart shower is not only cost effective in the long run but also a sustainable showering solution. Homeowners should their water usage and make the necessary changes. One of the best decisions chasing a smart shower head. It will cut down on water usage and also impart a spirit of conservation in homes. It will definitely give you the value for your money.

Hot tub Trends: In-Home Spas Offer Health, Wellness Benefits


In-Home Spas Offer Health, Wellness BenefitsHot Tubs are tubs which contain hot water. They are small pools built for relaxation, hydrotherapy and massage. There are types of hot tubs that are portable while others are built permanently. Some are located inside while others are built outside depending on the space of the house, ventilation, weather and the amount of money one can manage. Hot tubs are also referred to as Jacuzzi or Spas. They have the following benefits:

Blood Circulation Improvement

The water flow on the skin when one is in the tub plays a critical role in stimulating blood circulation. This also helps the heart to beat in the normal rate and the also normal functioning of the lungs. According to a study done by Mayo Clinic, the patients who relaxed in Spas had a decrease in blood pressure compared to those who exercised on bicycles. Regular relaxation in a Hot tub reduces heart stress compared to the normal exercises thereby controlling the blood pressure. The heat produced in the Tub also improves blood flow by dilating the blood vessels.


This is a condition that causes pain, stiffness and inflammation of joints. Many doctors recommend heat and massage of the joints as a therapy. The regular usage of the Hot tubs can help the Arthritis patients to respond positively. It provides warmth, buoyancy and the massage soothes the muscles giving the patients unstrained movement of joints. The velocity of the water also strengthens the muscles.

Reduces Stress

In-Home Spas Offer Health, Wellness BenefitsAfter a long days work, one can relax in a Jacuzzi before retiring to bed. One can place their feet on the water jets for reflexology. This is due to the presence of many nerve endings on the feet which will transfer the relaxation to the rest of the body. This can also create good moods and relaxation.The massage and buoyancy create hydro massage experience that helps the body and mind to relax. In addition to that, the Hot tub massage also helps in unloading the joints, tendons and muscles giving the body a relieve from stress.

Diabetes and Weight Loss

A study was carried out and the results posted in the New England Journal of Medicine. Patients suffering from type 2 Diabetes Mellitus were put in a hot tub 30 minutes in a day and 6 days per week. The patients after only 10 days required reduced amount of Insulin, had lost weight and had a decrease in Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Plasma Glucose. Some fats and cholesterol is burnt out by the heat and through massage hence reducing the weight.

Improved Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation states that soaking in Hot water before retiring to bed can lead to deep sleep. One of the places that you can rest and cover yourself with hot water is in a hot tub. They also state that about 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders like Insomnia. The relaxation, heat and massage lower the temperature which is triggered by internal thermostat. One should take at least 90 minutes in the Hot tub before 4retiring to bed.

Improved Romantic Life

Couples can have private and special moments in a hot tub. The small sizes built to fit about two or four people can improve togetherness and romance. Couples while relaxing can make communication easy due to the reduction of stress, massage and the heat penetrating their bodies. It can also make their bodies warm therefore get attracted to each other. Portable hot tubs are commonly used by couples. They can be placed in any place inside or outside the house. Their portability is also an added advantage. Couples can go with them for picnics where they get their time together.

Staying Young

Joel M. Stager, Ph.D, a Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Indiana did a research and found out that regular swimming can slow aging by 20 % in some people. He indicates that it is beneficial to swim or relax in a hot tub every evening.
Bruce E. Becker, MD, clinical professor of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington adds that sitting regularly in hot water up to your neck improves cardiovascular Health. This enhances respiration and muscle mass which reduces aging.


Due to the increase of health related diseases, people should not underestimate the use of Hot tubs to manage the diseases. Portable hot tubs have been invented which are pocket friendly. The places which contain permanent hot tubs have also increased making them readily available. In this light, people should look forward to making use of the hot tubs to improve their health problems. Those planning for picnics and retreats should also consider relaxing in hot tubs as a way of leisure and having fun. Due to the increased population in today’s society, families should also look forward to owning their own Jacuzzis or spas.

A Chemist Interview: How to Deal When Your House Has Hard Water?


How to Deal When Your House Has Hard WaterHard water is not harmful to one’s health, in fact; it carries a number of health benefits due to the mineral ions it contains. The disadvantages that comes with hard water to households is what makes most people tent to find measures on how to convert hard water to soft water. In this light, it is worth exploring components of hard water and the appropriate ways on how to deal with it whether for health purposes or for keeping your appliances in good condition.

The Problem With Hardwater

The greatest problem with hard-water is that it is not suitable for health purposes. This limits the general use of the water and gives homes owners a difficult task. In addition to that, it is is expensive in the long run. This is because the minerals can cause general rusting of the water gadgets.

Having said that, individuals should employ concrete measures that will ensure that they always use soft water. This is going to ensure that they have long term water solution. If a resident notes that there is a persistent problem with the use of hard water, it is important to contact the authorities,.

Consequently, the authorities are going to seek a solution to the problem. Similarly, if no problem is found, it is important to involve the national government and see what options it has in helping the residents. All the same, one’s individual efforts play a critical role in ensuring that the problem of hard water is solved using water softeners or other water filter systems. Reading water softener reviews to learn about the various types and features available to the public is a good start towards, healthy, clean and soft water for residents.

Hard Water

Hard water is formed when mineral ions- calcium and magnesium, which are the two common ions-,dissolve into the water as it moves over and through the ground. The concentration of these metal cations will determine the classification of hardwater as either hard or very hard. In addition to that, water hardness depending on the level of minerals in it will either be temporary or permanent. Temporary hard water is that which contains primarily calcium and bicarbonate, and simply by boiling while permanent hard water consist of highly concentration of anions and it cannot be removed by boiling.


How to Deal When Your House Has Hard WaterThere are a number of effects that hard water carries. To start with, it increases the amount of detergent or soap to be used as it does not lather easily. This is because; soap is made from more than one fatty acid whereas hard water consists of minerals that react with soap molecules. This will therefore lead to the formation of an insoluble precipitate that causes little formation of soap lather that will require one to use more detergent to see the difference.

Lastly, it causes inefficiencies to the appliances. For example, heating in boiler precipitates calcium which builds along the coil making it inefficient as it will take long to boil.

How to Deal when Your House Has Hard Water

One will find using hard water a menace due to the numerous cons it carries to the house as discussed above. In this light, there are various ways of dealing with hard water at your home that is worth sharing. This is simply done by eliminating elements that make water hard.


Boiling water to remove the hardness can only be affective when it is temporary hard water. Since it consists of calcium bicarbonate, boiling will convert.

Discuss Water Hardness With the Water Supplier

It is crucial that one communicates to the water supplier on the type of water he or she is receiving, this is so because you will be able to know whether you are receiving hard or soft water that will enable you determine whether you need a water softener solution, reading up on the best water softener reviews might be a good starting point then.

Reverse Osmosis

This process uses high pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane is specifically made to be impermeable to water. The membrane functions to filter out large ions and molecules responsible for water hardness. The end result is soft water.


Hard water carries its own pros and cons to one’s house. It is therefore crucial to note that Converting hard water to soft water is important for the long lasting of the appliances as well as maintaining pipes and also keeping your laundry in good conditions.

A Chilean Telescope Captures the Birth of the New Solar System


A Chilean Telescope Captures the Birth of the New Solar SystemFor many years, scientists have researched on the origin of the solar system. Whereas there has been major studies, the topic is not yet clear. There is still more research work that needs to be done and the findings clarified. In such cases, the use of cutting edge technology can give the researchers the much-needed breakthrough as the technology advanced to new levels (even regular people can now make discoveries thanks to the best telescopes having improved greatly in recent years.

A Chilean Telescope Captures the New Solar System

An advanced telescope in Chile has vividly captured the best images of a number of planets that are found around a distant star. The Telescope is (ALMA) Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array. The star in question is HL Tau that is located approximately 450 light-years from the planet earth. Scientists were overly surprised by the details and clarity of the radio telescope.

Images Shown

The telescope shows images of concentric rings. However, there are gaps in the star’s ring which are cleared by major planetary cores. The number of rings is used to represent the number of planets. The star is veiled by gas and dust. Consequently, it is difficult to make a view of the star due to the visibility of the light.The unique thing about the telescope is its optimization. This helps it to make a view of the universe through the utility of stronger wavelengths. It shows an exquisite level of detail that was hitherto unimaginable.

The surprising thing is that the star is not more than a million years in age. Consequently,it is surprising that the star would have such features bearing that it is a young star. Young planets are not expected to have the kind of structures that are captured in the telescopic images.In fact, it is the sharpest image that has yet been captured by the scientists.

The design of the telescope requires that 66 telescopes work together from an individual capacity but as one instrument. The dishes are moved all over the viewing sites using advanced wheelers. Overall, the astronomers are going to achieve the most efficient optical observatories.

The impact is that astronomers can easily collect more information about the star. In addition to that, they are going to be very specific about the details. Details that were hitherto not clear are going to be more clear. The bottomline is that various premises are going to be born.

Mike Wall, a senior writer with, says that such telescopic magnitude is going to help man discover the exact origin of our solar system. In addition to that, there could be a paradigm shift on the way we view the planet. This is due to transformation of the various theories that explain the solar system.

The View Point and Findings

A Chilean Telescope Captures the Birth of the New Solar SystemThe viewing took place from the Atacama desert. The rationale behind this is to provide maximum visibility and minimum interruption. In the desert, no much activities take place. As a result, scientists are going to experience less interruption during the course of their work. The final antenna was placed in June.

Again, Atacama Desert, Northern Chile, provides the most ideal conditions for observing and understanding the sky. This is because of its dryness and altitude. The teams working with the telescope are being led by European Southern Observatory, the National Astronomical Observatory, Japan, and National Radio Astronomy Observatory.


One of the findings and conclusion from this discovery is that the process of planet transformation takes place earlier and faster than what the scientists envisioned. Moreover, the gaps in the rings are an indication that emerging planets do orbit around the and they clear away dust as they do so.

According to the scientists, this is perhaps the most remarkable thing ever discovered in the history of studying the solar system. Also, from the findings, it will take billions of years before the rest of the solar system achieves stability just like planet earth. When that time comes, the aged and built planets will orbit in harmony as they move around the interior star.


The advancement in technology plays a crucial role in defining the study of the universe. Such telescopes that feature a high resolution are going to be very relevant in the study and exploration of the solar system. The good thing is that more technological discoveries, better telescopes for instance, are going to add to the existing knowledge about the solar system.

Car Talk: Gas-Diesel Switch Isn’t Fatal, But It Is Costly


Gas-Diesel Switch Isn't Fatal, But It Is CostlyWith the increasing popularity of diesel-fueled cars, many gas stations are starting to place diesel pumps among the gasoline pumps. As such, some people put diesel into the gas tank of a gasoline car by mistake and only realize when it is too late. Others put regular gas into the tank of a diesel vehicle. The good news is that, the damage can be reversed, but it is something that should be avoided as much as possible.

This confusion is not something that happens every day. Car fuel tanks are clearly labeled to separate gas from diesel tanks. Diesel tanks are always labeled “diesel” to try and reduce any mix-up. In most cars, diesel tanks are always green. Therefore, before making that mistake, most people will notice that difference and adjust to the correct fuel in time.

However, despite all the efforts to differentiate the fuel tanks, it is something that happens quite often. Sometimes people get too busy or distracted and fail to realize they are putting fuel in the wrong tank. Some might be talking over the phone, fighting with the kids, or replying text messages. Those distractions are enough to create that confusion.

When diesel ends up in the wrong tank, meant for gasoline, the car will run normally for a short distance. The gasoline gets used up and the car will shut down. The car will shut down because gasoline engines cannot run on diesel. They have not been designed to burn diesel since their combustion system is totally different.

The car will then have to be towed to a repair shop once that has happened. The mechanics will have to drain the entire fuel system to remove any traces of diesel. The process starts with emptying the gas tank. This is then followed by cleaning the diesel from the fuel lines, injectors and fuel rails.

The most common solution is using fuel injector cleaner to fix the problem. However, that may not work sometimes which calls for taking things apart and checking them individually. The good news is that there is no permanent damage on the seals and injectors. Furthermore, chances are very minimal for damage to occur on the catalytic converter since the car would not have run on the diesel.

The main problem involved is that it can be a costly and time consuming affair. The procedure would normally cost $500 to $1000 depending on the model of the car. There are some mechanics that purport to charge less than that. As much as they will solve the problem for the moment, future issues might arise which might take up more money. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the services of a proven professional.

Gas-Diesel Switch Isn't Fatal, But It Is CostlyOn the other hand, putting gasoline in the diesel tank by mistake can prove to be more problematic based on the quantity of gasoline that has been added. If it is a 20-gallon tank, and the gasoline that has been put by mistake is 1 gallon while the rest is diesel, then that is only a small matter to solve. If it is beyond that, then it becomes a serious problem.

Diesel is also a lubricant, apart from being the fuel of the car. Therefore, the fuel injector pump does not receive sufficient lubrication when a diesel engine is run on gasoline. Also, gasoline and diesel have different combustion properties. Therefore, gasoline will tend to detonate much earlier than the diesel in diesel engines that have a high compression. When this happens, it leads to misfiring and knocking which can be very grave damages on the engine.

For the mistake to be corrected, other parts of the engine will have to be replaced, on top of draining the fuel tank. As indicated earlier it will cost more to deal with putting gasoline in a diesel tank than putting diesel in a gasoline tank.


Refueling a car is an important job that should not be done when one is distracted or in a hurry. Mistakes happen all the time, but gasoline is a highly flammable liquid that calls for utmost care and handling. With the huge costs involved due to a simple lapse or distraction, public education is needed to inform the public about such occurrences. Gas stations should lead such campaigns and also place notices in areas where they can be seen by everyone going to refuel.

Is Access to a Toilet a Human Right or a Privilege?


Is Access to a Toilet a Human Right or a Privilege

The UN acknowledges sufficient sanitation as a human right. However, accessing this basic human right is not a reality for about 2.4 billion people worldwide. This has made it difficult for this affected population to consider this as a human right with most having to consider it as a right for the privileged few. A case study on two African countries, Kenya and Uganda, shows that there is a very long way to go in achieving the UN set objectives.

Uganda Challenge

The major sanitation crisis in Uganda appears to be mostly in the country’s capital spreading hovels. According to the Guardian writer, Rosalind Malcom, some of the available sanitation services are provided by NGOs . Thus, the poor slum-dwellers are expected to pay the community leaders to get access to the facilities. In addition to this, there is no much space for sanitation facilities in such an environment.

Kenyan Case Study

Kenya has also a big challenge in ensuring proper sanitation to all her population as required by the UN. This is because of the extending slums in major Kenyan towns. In this regard, congestion and low-income levels are major contributors to poor sanitation.

Kenya’ capital has one of the largest slums in the world. Kibera slum-dwellers have a big challenge in accessing sanitation facilities and clean water due to congestion and poor development and planning.

The third largest city in Kenya, Kisumu, has also experienced sanitation problems due to the fast cropping of informal human settlements. In addition to this, the city also faces a problem of water hyacinth. This water plant has invaded lakes around the town and block culverts and water drainage outlets. Despite a major effort by the Kenyan government to improve the infrastructure, little has been done to clear the drainage and to improve sanitation.

Measures by both Kenya and Uganda

Both countries have shown a big commitment in improving the sanitation services. However, these two countries acknowledge that initiating a human right to human sanitation is a big challenge. This has made Kenya to include the right in the 2010 new constitution to ensure its implementation. On the other hand, Uganda only includes the right in its municipal responsibilities.

This is because it does not have the right in the constitution yet. In this regard, both countries identify the right differently but many citizens do not practically access it. According to a research by University of Surrey, about 86% of the community in Kisumu share inadequate latrines. This is because of very practical problems in building toilets.

Permission to plan and construct latrines, is only given to very few individuals who can prove ownership. Moreover, there are complex land tenures that make it harder for common people to afford it. The nature of the people in these informal settlement communities is another challenge to land ownership. Consequently, the semi-nomadic nature of living and lack of land ownership makes it hard for many people to improve their own facilities.

Toilets and Sanitation

First, making this basic human right a reality requires it to be contained in the constitution. However, this cannot bring any benefits if we do not enforce the law and accept the obligations that come with it. These commitments should be followed by legally framed charges.

Secondly, the municipals should enhance the provision of toilets to be at satisfactory standards all over the world, also in the United States. Toilets that safe water are an important part of this and people need to become more aware of this fact and reading toilet reviews on sites like Best Toilet Guide is one way to get to know various types of toilet. This can be achieved by coming up with legislation that focus on better planning and building regulations.

Thirdly, acquiring land should be made easier. This can be done by ensuring that changes in the law allow compulsory acquisition of land to provide sites for toilets.

Lastly, the government should also be devoted in training people on the how to manage the provided toilet facilities.


Eventually, a political commitment towards provision of better sanitation to all is the only thing that can make the set laws to be useful. This is to say that there must be practical application of the set laws for this right to be considered as one by all. However, without proper funding, right attitude and a change in regulation, these laws are useless. Overall, a country should heavily invest in its sanitation.

Finally! Common Test Standards for Air Compressors


Common Test Standards for Air CompressorsOne major development in the field of dryers and air compressors was adopting a common set of test standards. On top of that, test results will now be properly reported thanks to a third party verification programme that was implemented. This major development was accomplished by the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI). People who use this equipment can be able to make comparisons when they want to purchase dryers and air compressors.

The Compressed Air And Gas Institute has a performance verification program that they sponsor for refrigerated compressed air dryers. The aim of the program is provision of a commercially and uniform practical means of verifying ratings of the participants. All participants must comply with the set standards and guidelines in order to be eligible for this program.

Members of CAGI have always been at the forefront in developing standards for equipment related to air compressors and dryers. The institute has worked with the International Organization for Standardization, European Committee of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, and Pneumatic Tools and other bodies related to developing standards for gas systems equipment trying to make a unified system for making the best air compressors for home and garage use when it comes to safety of using and storing air compressors (read more over at

A useful tool in calculating energy for the compressors is the using the cost of power, commonly known as the power cost formula. Power cost is equivalent to the brake horsepower being used by the compressor multiplied by the factor of conversion of .746, multiplied by the operation hours, multiplied by the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour in the locality. The result is then divided by the efficiency rating of the motor.

This information should be published on the data sheets detailing the performance of the compressor as provided by the manufacturer. Such information is very useful in helping the consumer make comparisons and select the product that best meets their needs. However, some quack manufacturers tend to provide inaccurate information misrepresenting the information of their products. Therefore, the consumer may purchase a product that is deemed to have a higher performance rating only to end up disappointed. That is where the CAGI comes in. to ensure that the information provided by the manufacturer on their data sheet is accurate.

Who can participate?

Common Test Standards for Air CompressorsParticipation is open to all manufacturers and is voluntary. Participants do not have to be CAGI members. It is just a standard measure to ensure that consumers have the right information with regard to the measurements. The main advantage is that manufacturers who have gone through this procedure will tend to appear more legitimate to the public thus more sales.
How is a manufacturer identified for participation?

The manufacturers who have participated and their results are to be posted on the CAGI website. Manufacturers who have participated and passed the test verification procedures of the program will have the benefit of utilizing the CAGI verification seal on their items, product literature and specifications sheet. This is to prove to the public that the products of the said manufacturer have passed the air flow capacities and efficiencies.

What is being verified?

The information being verified is the one that manufacturers who are participating publish on the data sheets that are available at the CAGI website. Information that is on these data sheets include product performance and the information used during the application and specification decision making process.

How the verification process works

A CAGI administrator selects test samples on a random and regular basis of the equipment in order to prove that it meets the certified performance ratings of the manufacturer. Every participant will have two units tested annually. The items to be tested will be randomly selected from the manufacturer or distributor by the program administrator. If the selected unit does not pass the test procedure, then the manufacturer will have the option of having a second unit tested. If the second unit still fails the test procedure, the manufacturer is expected to adjust the rates on their published information based on the results within thirty days. Failure to do this leads to immediate expulsion from the program.


With the adoption of these industry standards and guidelines, better quality dryers and air compressors are now being produced. In a bid to achieve more sales and better numbers, manufacturers have resulted to producing more efficient products in order to withstand the competition. This is a commendable initiative from CAGI which will help consumers purchase better machines for their jobs thus reducing operating costs and attaining more profits.

Health Benefits of Using Pressure Cooker


Health Benefits of Using Pressure CookerAlthough pressure cookers of today are quieter and less dangerous than before, some people still have reservations about them. The hissing sound was especially ominous for some people. These tools have many health benefits for the human body. At times, these health benefits cannot be accessed in any other way except with one of these devices. People who do not already own one should consider acquiring one.

They Help to Make Nutrients Available

Some foods like bananas can be quite sweet. However, people only utilize a small percentage of all the potential they hold. By using pressure cookers, one is able to access all the cells of these foods. They usually contain some tough cell walls that are hard to access with other heating methods. The pressure cooker forces water into these cells and breaks down the walls to make the nutrients accessible.

In some instances, other heating methods can help to break down these cell walls. However, these methods are not efficient in cooking the food. The result is that it takes long before the meal can be considered cooked. When this happens, it results in all the nutrients being broken down.

It Reduces Anti-Nutrients

Anti-nutrients are a reality of human existence. During a cooking session, some foods produce acids that reduce the nutrients in food. They bond with nutrients in the food and keep them from being accessible by the human body. This bad situation results from the prolonged cooking of food.

However, there is no other way to cook these foods. This is the case when cooking most cereals. Studies have shown that pressure-cooked food has lower anti-nutrients than other foods. For instance, phytic acid levels fell by about 54% in peas when they were soaked and cooked under pressure. This is compared to 29% in ordinary cooking methods.

It Allows Nutrient Retention

Health Benefits of Using Pressure Cooker

This is a major issue in the cooking of some cereals and some types of meats. At times, the food takes long to become tender. This means one has to add copious amounts of water to the food. When this happens, the food’s nutrients become diluted. As a result, one may end up consuming nothing except wasting time moving their jaws. At times, the nutritional value of a meal is less than what is used to get rid of it. This situation is avoided by using the best  pressure cooker you can get your hands on. It uses less water and pushes nutrients deeper into the food.

It Makes Food Digestible

Our bodies are only as good as, what they absorb. That means the food needs to be tender and yet contain nutrients. This is hard to achieve if one does not have the right cooking method. By using a pressure cooker, one makes it easier for the body to break down food into its nutrients. This is the case especially for old people and young children. Their stomachs may not have the right staff to break down hard foods. It can make old people healthier and young children grow up faster and with fewer illnesses.


Choosing the right cooking method will help you achieve an optimal food experience. There is no better way of achieving this than having a pressure cooker. Overall, a pressure cooker will offer you great benefits for your nutritional needs.

Tankless Electric Water Heater VS Tankless Gas Water Heater


Tankless water heaters are one of the best ways to heat a home. They do not require any large spaces to install. As a result, they are great for people who stay in compact homes. These water heaters only heat the water, as it is needed. As a result, there is no wastage like the one that is normally associated with the water heaters that come with a tank. These units also require less maintenance.


Tankless Electric Water Heater VS Tankless Gas Water HeaterIn terms of efficiency, both the electric and gas powered models are quite efficient. However, the electric powered water heaters have a slight advantage their efficiency is normally higher on models of similar capacity. However, gas is usually much cheaper to using electricity. The only disadvantage to using gas is that the prices of gas fluctuate too often. As a result, this makes it hard for one to come up with a good budget. A sudden rise in gas prices could make it quite hard for one to do some of the things they budgeted for. Electricity, on the other hand, rises gradually. Thus, it is easier to make a budget.


A gas-powered model is quite hard to install. It requires the use of complex piping, all of which must be set correctly. One wrong move and the amount of waste might be too hard to recover. This means that the entire process may lead to one making huge modifications to their house. Unless the house is properly retrofitted, the losses may not be worth installing a gas-powered tankless water heater.

Electric powered tankless water heaters are quite easy to install. In most cases, no modifications have to be made to the house. This makes the installation of such systems quite easy. They also require a short period and fewer people to install. In some cases, just a single person can do the entire job. This means that one is only inconvenienced for a short while. This is as opposed to gas-powered models which may require two or three days to install.

Maintenance and Life Span

Tankless Electric Water Heater VS Tankless Gas Water HeaterMost electric powered models have few moving parts. As a result, they can continue to operate for many years past the warranty periods. However, gas-powered models can be quite problematic. They will require that one makes regular calls to the installation company. This can be quite expensive if parts require replacing. Electric powered models require no maintenance. However, an annual inspection of the system is advisable to ensure everything works.


For those who have fears about safety, they would be served well by an electric powered model. Gas has some inherent dangers such as explosions, which may worry some. However, the chances of this ever occurring are almost zero. However, the aspect of psychological peace of mind is as important as any actual safety features. Generally, the only way to ensure the model is safe is to spend more and spend wisely. This would mean one does some research online to find the best manufacturers.


It is important to carry out a thorough market research in order to make the right decision. Another important thing is to ask for several quotes and choose the most appropriate one. All in all, choices and preferences play a great role in deciding if one should go for a tankless electric water heater or a tankless gas water heater.

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Memory Foam Mattress

High Quality Memory Foam Mattresses Overview

Memory foam mattresses can be hugely beneficial over standard types of mattresses – they can transform the way you sleep and result in a comfortable, healthier and more rested experience.

But not all foam mattresses are made the same – before you choose a mattress for yourself, take a read of these essential 4 questions to ask before you buy a memory foam mattress.

What is the foam density?

Density and thickness are not the same quality when it comes to memory foam. In fact, density describes the physical weight of the foam present.

Why should you consider this? The reason that density is an important factor to assess is that while a mattress may appear to be thick and soft, if it is made of low density foam, then it will not provide a comfortable experience for long. Density assesses how many foam cells are actually present – the greater the density, then the more foam there will actually be.

A higher density foam will not only feel better – it will also last a lot longer too, with a lifespan of several years over those with lower density.

What is the mmHg value?

High Quality Memory Foam Mattresses OverviewAccording to the Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews website, many people choose memory foam mattresses as they provide greater support and improved pressure relief – but how can you find the best mattress with the greatest pressure relief and comfort levels?

MmHg is a form of measurements used to calculate the reaction of a foam mattress against pressure applied to it – you should look for a mattress with as low an mmHg value as possible, as this will ensure you enjoy improved blood circulation and reduced pressure while sleeping on it. Ideally a mattress should have a mmHg of 32 or less for you to enjoy optimum pressure relief.

Is the foam natural or artificial?

Memory foam mattresses can be found made of both synthetic materials and natural fibres. While synthetic mattresses are common, they can harbour some potential health issues. For those looking for those features should look at SureTemp. Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress is a great option for those looking to purchasing their first memory foam mattress and wants premium features as it has been getting some great reviews at ratings at memory foam blogs.

As synthetic memory foam is made of fibres similar to nylon and elastic, they can trap and retain body heat, especially when used on a regular basis. This can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep as they become excessively warm – in addition, users often find that they have a chemical-based odour which can linger for a long time.

Natural fibres can allow for a more comfortable environment as they are breathable and prevent odour and heat from building up within the mattress.

Where was it made?

While it is possible to find memory foam mattresses made all over the world, they are not all made to an equal standard or quality level.

It’s best to look for those made in the US, Canada or Europe – despite the fact that these may be priced higher than those from other parts of the world. Though they may be more expensive, they will tend to have better quality materials and avoid using cheap fillers to bulk up their density, or use unsafe chemicals during the production process.

Are you ready to buy a memory foam mattress? Take a look at this site to find a wide selection of the best memory foam mattresses available.

Metal Detectors Remain In Schools Despite Drop In Crime


Metal Detectors Remain In Schools Despite Drop In Crime

In Newyork city, no student has been shot for more than 13 years. This is a very encouraging statistic and trend considering the common school massacres that have been happening. People have started feeling that metal detectors should be removed from schools since there has been a drop in crime rates. These are the same tools credited for maintaining safety in the institutions.
Some parent and advocacy groups argue that the scanners which have been in place for more than twenty years are not needed currently since crime rates have dropped drastically. They insist that the metal scanners are just discriminatory since they are mostly available in schools which have higher populations of blacks Hispanics.

According to Don Lieberman, a civil rights activist in Newyork city, condemning students to metal detector scanning makes the student develop a bad image of who they really are. Some would think that schools perceive them as terrorists.
However, some school safety union officials and some parents feel that if the cameras are removed, then the whole school community is exposed to unforeseen risks. Since July 2015, more than 300 weapons have been recovered by safety agents in the schools.

On a daily basis, almost 90,000 students are scanned mostly high school goers. Some activists and parent groups have continued to appeal to the government and local authorities to reduce scanning students with a security metal detector. In that figure, more than half of students who are scanned are black while the percentage of white students scanned stands at 14%.

As crime has reduced throughout the country over the past twenty years, the same trend has also been observed in schools. Robberies and violent crimes have reduced in schools. According to statistics obtained from the police department, there has been a 34% drop in assaults from 2011 to 2015. Therefore, critics argue that significant drop makes them unnecessary.

In Newyork city, a panel that had been convened by city hall advised that metal detectors should be removed. In Manhattan, an education council recommended that metal detectors should be completely removed which is supported by several online petitions.

Metal Detectors Remain In Schools Despite Drop In Crime

However, education officials say no substantive plans have been put in place so far to effect the recommendations.
According to Lois Herrera, a school safety official, as much as progress has been made in the right direction, maintaining safety in schools remain the top priority especially for Hispanic, blacks, and students with special needs. School safety is something that cannot be compromised.

Other bigger cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles still use metal scanners but done at a small scale. Detroit is the first city in the United States to use metal detectors. Their regulations require installation of these devices for every school that is new or has been renovated. Since the sandy hook incident, 160 school shootings have occurred since then according to statistics provided by gun control advocacy groups.

The last time a school shooting occurred in Newyork city, it was a double killing in Brooklyn in 1992. Since then metal detectors started to be used more regularly and on a wider scope. Before then, they were only used for social events.
The last school shooting occurred in 2002. On that particular day, a 17-year old student, Vincent Rodriguez, removed a hand gun from his waist band and started shooting randomly at Martin Luther King Junior High School on the upper west side of Manhattan. During that incident, two teenagers were shot by the villain. It emerged that they had teased his girlfriend and removed a bandana from her head. The two teenagers survived the incident.

Currently, only one of the 88 Newyork city school buildings metal detectors are used and school safety agents check the students every morning. During the security checkup, students place their personal belongings into their backpack and it is sent for an x-ray scan. The students are then ushered through a metal detector and in some instances, some patting can be done.
Students where this is done have different opinions. Some feel that it is a necessary undertaking, as much as it tends to be laborious and time consuming. Others say that it makes them feel as if they are being sent to prison.


It is the duty of school staff and state authorities to ensure safety of students at all times. However, some times where the staff is also exposed to the same risks facing the students as it was evident in the sandy hook shooting. Metal detectors remain an important part of the security set up but it should not be used discriminately.

Mike Hudson: Not Lifeless Because He Was Not Knifeless

Mike Hudson: Not Lifeless Because He Was Not Knifeless

There’s an old saying that a knifeless man is a lifeless man, but that doesn’t accurately describe Mike Hudson, who until a few weeks ago sat alone and lost on a mountainside in Southern California. Fortunately, the one thing he had with him was a good survival knife, which he credits for his survival.

It all started in early February when Hudon, 60, went looking for something to use as bait for his fishing trip. Unfortunately, what he later said caused him to move into unfamiliar territory was his habit of looking up instead of looking down to keep track of where he was. Soon, he found himself lost and unable to find his way back to his campsite.

Nothing But a Knife

Mike Hudson: Not Lifeless Because He Was Not KnifelessHudson planned to return shortly to his fishing spot after he found some bait, but instead found himself only lost in territory he wasn’t familiar with. The only thing he had with him was a knife that he was planning to use on the bait. The first night he spent under some tree branches that he had collected for shelter.

The next day, Hudson found himself both hungry and thirsty. The dominant feeling he had at the time, however, was how dumb he felt for being in his predicament. That’s when he sat down on a rock to think about what to do next. His seat proved to be uncomfortable since he was sitting on his knife. That’s when Hudson recalled lessons he learned in his Boy Scouting days telling how with a knife he had everything he needed to survive.

“When I thought of that, I pulled my knife out of my pocket and reassured myself that I would be okay,” Hudson recalled. “It dawned on me then that not only could I use my knife to get food, but it could help me to do just about everything I needed to stay alive.”

Staying Alive

It wasn’t long after this realization that Hudson found himself using his survival knife to its full advantage to not only build a fire and a shelter, but to also get food and water. He even admits that after a little time he even got kind of comfortable in his temporary situation.

“After I put my knife to work gathering and building what I needed to stay alive, I started using it to build a signal for whoever might soon be looking for me. Fortunately, I had left my wife and told her that I would be “right back” after I found some bait.

Finally, after five days of searching, part of the search team, a helicopter, found Hudson sitting near the spot where he first realized that he was lost, a top a rock, with his trusty knife.

“Everything I learned in Scouting was true,” Hudson commented. “To get yourself out of the kind of situation I found myself in doesn’t take much. You just need to be resourceful, keep your wits under control, and have that one most important tool with you, your knife. When you have it and know how to use it, you’ll be fine.”

Things to Know Before Buying A Ceiling Fan

Things to Know Before Buying A Ceiling FanCeiling fans are probably one of the most common home appliances. They are incredibly helpful, generally energy-efficient, easy to install, easy to maintain, and not very expensive. Compared to buying an air conditioning unit, buying a ceiling fan is a lot easier and significantly less daunting even for beginners. In addition, ceiling fans tend to offer a wider array of choices as compared to air conditioners, allowing homeowners to combine function and practicality with form and aesthetics.

Given the advantages of installing ceiling fans, it is not surprising why people tend to not hesitate about making a ceiling fun purchase. But before you head to your nearest appliance store, check out the pointers below first to make sure that you are buying the ceiling fan most suited for your needs.

What are the things you should consider before buying a ceiling fan?

Things to Know Before Buying A Ceiling FanBefore anything else, you should make sure that a ceiling fan is really what you need. Note that ceiling fans merely generate air flow, allowing cool air to go down and hot air to rise, thereby creating a cooling effect. They do not actually lower the temperature in a room. That said, if you are living in a place where summers tend to be very hot and deciding between buying an air conditioning unit and a ceiling fan, a ceiling fan might not be the best option for you. However, if you are living in an area where summers are hot but are still bearable, or if you just want to supplement an air conditioner, then a ceiling fan might just be for you.

Once you have determined that you really need to buy a ceiling fan, it is time to choose a particular make or model. Here are some things you should consider when looking for a ceiling fan for your home.

  • This is possibly the most important consideration when you are buying a ceiling fan considering that your choices will be highly limited by the amount you are willing or able to shell out. Luckily, manufacturers have come up with a whole range of ceiling fans in different price points. That said, even if you have limited budget, you will certainly still be able to find a ceiling fan suitable for your needs.
  • Another important consideration when choosing a ceiling fan is the place where it will be installed. If you are installing the ceiling fan indoors, then regular ceiling fans should do the trick. However, if you are planning to install the ceiling fan outdoors, then it is important to invest in outdoor ceiling fans specifically made to withstand moisture and rust.
  • You also have to consider the size of the area where the ceiling fan will be installed and, as a result, the size of the ceiling fan. A bigger space will require a larger ceiling fan and a smaller space will require something more compact. Considering the size of the room will not only help you determine the size and number of ceiling fans that need to be installed, but it will also help you make sure that the fan does not cramp up a small space or visually disappears in a large area.
  • Things to Know Before Buying A Ceiling FanMost manufacturers give buyers the option of having light fixtures attached to ceiling fans. If you are installing the ceiling fan over a dining table or in the patio, then getting one with light fixtures might be worth considering.
  • Just because ceiling fans have a practical purpose does not mean that they do not have to be visually pleasing. Note that ceiling fans nowadays are available in a plethora of styles, colors, and finishes, so you can certainly find one which will complement the interior design of the room where it will be installed. Depending on the look you are going for, you can make your ceiling fan either blend or stand out from the rest of your furniture.
  • Energy efficiency. Another crucial factor is energy efficiency, especially if you intend to run the ceiling fan for most of the day all throughout summer. Buying an energy efficient fan will let you enjoy the comforts of good air flow without cranking up your energy consumption. After all, the primary edge of ceiling fans over air conditioning units is its relatively low operating costs.
  • Air flow. This is the heart of ceiling fan operations, so you have to take this into careful consideration when making your purchase. Depending on the place where you will install it, as well as your personal preferences, you should find a ceiling fan that generates just the right air flow. Most ceiling fans have settings up to three (which is typically sufficient in most cases), but your specific circumstances might require a higher setting, in which case you have to look for brands with higher settings.
  • Finally, you also have to take the controls into consideration. Do you prefer a ceiling fan which is completely remote-controlled? Do you prefer one with knobs or switches which may be attached to the wall? Take into consideration where the ceiling fan will be installed and who will be using it. For example, if you intend to install it in the children’s room, then you might prefer to have a wall switch which cannot be easily accessed by children. On the flipside, you might opt for a remote-controlled ceiling fan if it is to be used by an individual with mobility concerns.

And there you have it – the factors you need to consider before making your ceiling fan purchase. Taking all of these into consideration will prevent you from getting a bad case of buyer’s remorse. It will also ensure that you get your money’s worth and that you do not end up buying an appliance not suited for your needs and lifestyle. Remember that while ceiling fans are generally not complicated, certain factors must still be considered to make sure that you are buying something of high quality.